Trim Bag

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  • User decides quantity of product per batch, time in use, and number of rotations for customized control
  • Trims using gentle friction to preserve natural contours of plant material
  • Variable capacity works with large or small amounts of dried harvest
  • Unbelievable fast trimming takes approximately 3 minutes for each batch
  • Collapsible design and soft carrying case for easy to storage and shipping
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  1. Grip the End Cap Handles and lift up and down 15-40 times in a minute. Check product. Repeat as desired.
  2. Grip the Tension Straps for a spin move. Twist at the wrists. Check product. Repeat as desired.
  3. Grip the End Cap Rim Handles and bring to about waist height and shake back and forth., then up and down. Check and repeat until sifting is complete (about 30 seconds).



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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 22.6 × 22.3 × 4.7 in